Digital Confectioners licensing Granite SDK

We're excited to announce that we've just licensed the Granite SDK. This awesome new texture streaming technology will be used in our future game projects.

Licensing the Granite SDK for our upcoming projects was an easy decision which really amplifies the impact of our art team. With Granite managing texturing we can get higher fidelity with better performance - without having to dedicate a huge amount of engineering effort and art pipeline discipline. The key challenge we face at Digital Confectioners is delivering high quality results, but within our limited budget. We don't have a massive team - so we really need each of our people making a strong impact. And a key part of that is using the best tools available.

Granite allows our artists to use standard workflows for asset generation, creating assets with high fidelity. And when those assets are rendered in-world we don't compromise on performance - with Granite cleverly automating the use of those textures. Customers are demanding higher and higher performance with platforms like VR, and with Granite we can respond to that.

Expect to see new depths of detail in our future in-game worlds!