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Whiplash Update for Depth

The forth major update for Depth is now available for free for owners of the game! This plunges deeper still, with the all-new Thresher shark added to the game, along with the first Community Map, a completely re-built Main Menu, Aim Down Sights mode, Custom Crosshairs, a host of new Weapon Modifiers, and in-game Emoticons!

Chivalry vs Depth

The third major update for Depth has been released! This extends Depth with a new map based on the Hillside map from Chivalry. We've also added new cosmetic items (a Thrusting Spear variant of the Bang Stick, and a Thrusting Dagger variant of the Diving Knife) available for owners of Chivalry. Owners of Depth get access to two new cosmetic items in Chivalry - the Deepfang Morning Star and Great Bite Helm.

Depth: Ship Wrecked

The second major update for Depth has been released! This extends Depth with significant new mechanics like active abilities for Sharks and more content including the Hammerhead shark and the all-new map Galleon. Check out the details and read the web comic for the update on the Ship Wrecked website.

Depth: The Big Catch

The first major update for Depth has been released! This packs Depth full of content, with new shark classes, a new map, the release of the Depth Editor, a new game mode and more. Read up all about here on the Big Catch website.

Depth announced with Blood and Gold trailer, website!

Depth logo

We're super-excited to announce the website and reveal trailer for our game Depth have gone live! Depth releases this November, and is a project we've been working on for a couple of years now.

We did the development of the gameplay, user interfaces, Steam integration, server infrastructure and more for Depth. You can read up more on the game at

DiCo at Unreal Summit in Seoul

James and Keegan were over in Seoul, South Korea recently to give some teaching on Unreal Engine 4.

GDC 2014

It's that time of year again! We jetted over to San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference. We had a great time - and even got to see a few of the sights around the bay area.

DiCo at Steam Dev Days!

The inaugural Steam Dev Days conference has just finished up in Seattle, Washington. It was a great opportunity to see what Valve is planning for their platform, as well as networking with other developers and meeting up with partners.

Tiny Brains launches on PlayStation 4!

We were lucky enough to be able to help the talented folks over at Spearhead Games out with getting their Co-op puzzle game Tiny Brains working in multi-player. It's now available on PlayStation 4, with other platforms coming soon.

Digital Confectioners at PAX Prime again in 2013!

It's PAX time again! This time James and Keegan were at PAX to support the guys at Plastic Piranha, whose FPS project Rekoil has been greenlit for Steam, and will be available later this year.

Jason Brice, founder of Plastic Piranha, giving out prizes to some of the tournament winners at PAX.