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Digital Confectioners at GDC 2013!

Well, we had a super-busy time at GDC this year! Lots of meetings with clients, lots of great talks to learn from, and lots of old faces to catch up with! Now to take the lessons learned from our notes and put them into improved processes for the projects we're working on!

We're in the news!

We must be famous now - we've made it to the news. And with our new team member, Ken Churcher, no less! Check out the write-up on Stuff.

Ken is joining us to help bolster our ranks, particularly on Gameplay and User Interface work.

Digital Confectioners hit PAX Prime!

We've just got home from an awesome trip to PAX Prime - which was huge, crazy, fun, and a little tiring. We were there primarily to show off Forge, which will be launching on Steam very soon!

A shot of the Forge booth background. There were 10 PC's hooked up and playing Forge all convention long, it was great to see players in-game and having fun. We got lots of good feedback, so now to hit the project hard for launch!


Here's where we're working at the moment, in the corner of the LAN venue:

We've got Cerebral Fix office-sharing with us for a while as office space is so hard to come by now we're post-earthquake! It almost looks like a fancy office now, pretty sure we're getting close to AAA ;). (next step: some form of heating/air-con?)

Digital Confectioners at GDC 2012!

We were lucky enough to all get over and see GDC. It was a great conference for us - there were a lot of excellent lectures that we were able to attend, we were able to catch up with several clients, and the circus itself of the conference was a lot of fun. We even got to get out and indulge in some shopping, which resulted in us hoarding a rather obscene stack of board games.